About Us

About Us

Nutritional Services To Ensure Optimized Product Output and Maximized Value of Animal Feed.
Under the direction of a group of professors and professionals in the field of farm animals feeding, plant feed is manufactured using the latest professional modern feed manufacturing methods and the best feasible feed raw materials.

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Our vision

At 2030 being one of the pioneers of feed manufacturing enterprises in Egypt and the Middle East, with a focus on each species and its specific productivity

Our Mission

1.Provide rations free of mycotoxins, which have an adverse effect on growth and reproduction.
2.Manufacture organic feed devoid of antibiotics or other drugs that is suitable to generate residue-free organic meat.
3.Obtain the best feed conversion ratio that will yield the highest profit.
4.The highest level of reproductive output efficiency has been reached.
5.Investigate market demands and make efforts to satisfy them.
6.Continuous improvement of what we provide to our clients while maintaining high quality assurance.

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 Markaz Menia El Qamh -Menia El Qamh, Sharkia-Egypt



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